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Our foundation repair Birmingham AL teams have been restoring foundations and have been reinforcing structural integrity to the Birmingham area for many years. We are here to offer our services to you, making sure that the job gets done the right way and with your time in mind. We know that when you are coming to us, chances are that your home or business is not in the best shape. We understand that this can be a stressful time for you. It is for this reason that we make everything as smooth as possible by putting your needs first.

birmingham foundation repair foundation repair


The foundation of your home or business can be argued by many to be the most important aspect of the structure. And why wouldn’t we agree? As it is there to offer support, allowing everything to be sturdy and solid. Sturdy and solid is what we aim for in a structure, but when your foundation is damaged or is experiencing settlement this goal is sabotaged. In order for your home or business to be a safe place, we can repair your foundation.


Stem walls are small walls built between your actual building siding and a poured concrete slab. These walls help to keep your siding safe from water drainage and annoying pests, like termites. Even though these walls do a great job at protection, over time, they will start to fail. When this happens, we can come in and patch cracks or replace pieces of the wall. Contact our Alabama foundation specialists Birmingham knows and trusts. Read more here

birmingham foundation repair interior foundation repair

As it states on their website Birmingham Foundation Repair is really the one-stop-shop for all your foundational repair needs. I gave them a call as I was in dire need of my foundation being repaired; luckily a friend of mine was able to recommend Birmingham Foundation Repair. Let me tell you that these guys really know their story and work in such a methodical and professional manner. I don’t think I could be any more pleased than what I am with the services I received. Great job guys!

Tanner C

birmingham foundation repair basement waterproofing


When it comes to waterproofing Birmingham AL, the basement is an area of your home that absolutely cannot be overlooked, as it is that important. It is important for maintaining the structural integrity of your home or business. When the waterproofing is either not done correctly or not at all then the problems start to develop as time moves on. Waterproofing your basement will ensure a sound structure and good health for you, your family and clients.


Having uneven paving or needing concrete repair Birmingham AL in and around your home or business is a massive safety risk for family members and clients. In the case of a business, it can be asking for a lawsuit if you do not have it inspected as soon as possible. The process of concrete lifting has been revolutionized by the use of Polyurethane. It is now a process that is a lot quicker than ever before, minimizing the inconvenience caused for you.

birmingham foundation repair concrete raising

I am a local business owner in the Birmingham Alabama area and I depend on my business. I knew that I couldn’t afford to keep the doors closed as that inevitably means I am losing out on return and possible new clients. Nevertheless, I contacted Birmingham Foundation Repair because I needed a section of concrete being lifted. Left unattended this could have been a major risk. The guys worked so fast and the mixture of polyurethane they used dried so fast that I could have my business open in no time at all! 

Phil G

birmingham foundation repair crawlspace repair


The importance of a crawlspace in your home can often be overlooked, but the effects of a damaged one certainly make their presence known to you. One of the main jobs of the crawlspace is that of circulating the air and keeping it fresh. What recent studies have revealed is that the earlier designs of crawlspaces were more counterintuitive at the job than anything else. We will most certainly be able to evaluate and repair your crawlspace accordingly.


 As a business owner, being plagued by a faulty foundation can very well be one of your worst nightmares. A faulty or damaged slab can easily be the cause of you having to close shop as the premises are no longer safe enough to host your clients. Having to close your business during crucial hours can be damaging to your brand. For these reasons, our crew can work in a professional and timely manner to meet your needs. Our foundation contractors Birmingham AL can help you out. Give us a call today! If you’re in the area, check out our trusted friends for all your kitchen remodel San Jose needs.

birmingham foundation repair commercial foundation repair

I had been putting my case off for too long and the condition inside my house had just been worsening as time had passed. There had been a buildup of moisture in my crawlspace which cause all sorts of problems like mold growth and mildew. All the bacteria that were in the crawlspace had been contaminating the air that was coming into my house putting my family’s health a risk. Birmingham Foundation Repair was able to come on out and sort my crawlspace out leaving it in an immaculate condition allowing my house to be a sanitary space for my family.

Carl T

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At Birmingham Foundation, we have professionally trained staff that is willing to listen to you and identify your need. Once your need has been identified we will work alongside you to reach a plan of action that best suits you and your requirements, such as time and budget. Our friendly staff knows the importance of people in a business and always put you, as the client, first. If your need has anything to do with foundation repair, crawlspace repair, basement waterproofing or concrete lifting, look no further! We specialize in all of the mentioned fields. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to enquire further or would like to receive a quote.