Basement Waterproofing

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To better understand the topic of basement waterproofing it is important that we first take a few steps back. We do so in order to gain a holistic view on what are the causes of the flooding, what impact that has on your house or business and why it is important to have the basement waterproofed. Before the house is built, the land has to be excavated for the foundation to be built. When this land is dug up you end up with two soil types being virgin and active. The active soil is more porous, hydrostatic forces cause the water to find its way into your basement through joints and cracks.
Can You Waterproof From The Inside?
When it comes to the waterproofing there are many options that a homeowner can choose to go with. Which direction you go ultimately depends on the specific needs of your property and structure. If you are wondering if it is possible or not to have your basement waterproofed from the inside it is definitely possible. When going the route of having the basement waterproofed from the inside a gutter system collects all the seeping water before it can reach the inside of the basement. The water is then guided along the gutters to a collection tank from the collection tank water can be pumped away from your house or business.
What Causes Leaks In My Basement?
As we have briefly touched on above when the site for your brand new house has been excavated naturally there has been a large amount of soil that has been moved. There is another form of soil that is still present on the site and that is the untouched soil, this type of soil is referred to as virgin soil. The virgin soil is a lot denser than the excavated active soil. After your house has been built what surrounds it is the active soil. When it rains this active soil allows a lot of water in causing a pressure buildup of water know as hydrostatic pressure. This force act on your basement walls and finds the weakest to enter through.
What Are Some Signs Of a Leaking Basement?
A leaking basement can easily become the catalyst for many unwanted and harmful problems. If you become aware of any of these problems you can be sure that there is a leak in your basement that needs to be evaluated and repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Apart from damp walls, leaking basement ceilings, and pooling of water, many other telltale signs point to a leak. As the area tends to stay damp almost all of the time your basement now becomes the perfect breeding ground for all types of harmful bacteria and mold.

What is a French Drain?
Often times when we are exposed to a new field and upskilling ourselves it can be very easy to get hung up on terminology and let that make us confused. However today we are going to keep it simple and get down to the crux of the matter. Simply put a French Drain is a system that is put in place to protect your basement from water seepage. The system is comprised of various pipes and drains. This series of pipes and drains firstly collects all the seepage that manages to get through between the soil and the foundation and directs it toward a collection tank. From this tank water is then pumped away from your home.

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