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A building structure often serves more purpose than meets the eye. For many buildings are structures that house families. Another area that buildings are useful for is the business sector. Buildings are used to facilitate the exchange of business regardless of whether that is for goods or services rendered. A key aspect to keeping a business at optimal efficiency is to ensure that the building is a safe environment that doesn’t threaten the health and safety of employees and clients. A building with a damaged foundation can impose serious ramifications that could result in loss or damage of property and the worst-case scenario, death, which naturally has a painstaking lawsuit ensue. 

What Are The Telltale Signs of A Damaged Foundation?
One of the most common telltale signs of foundation damage is cracks; you will find these cracks on the interior and exterior of the building. It is, however, imperative that you identify the type of crack that is present as many different variations could mean different things. A crack that is sure to signal foundation damage is the one that runs at a 45-degree angle. Something else to look out for is your doors, and what you want to pay attention to is if the door tends to stick or drag when opening or closing. When your doors continue to behave in this manner without apparent rain, they are a definite telltale sign of foundational issues.

Are Foundation Cracks Normal?
Before you start worrying over cracks in your foundation and jump to conclusions of foundational damage and the need for repairs, you will want to conduct further inspection of the cracks. The reason for further inspection is due to the fact that not all cracks are necessarily harmful or mean that something catastrophic has happened to your foundation. It can be perfectly normal for home and business owners to notice cracks in their structures and foundation. Once cracks have come to our attention it is important to have them evaluated by a building contractor or a structural engineer as they will be able to further advise you.

Is My Landscape Affected During A Repair?
Each and every foundational repair job is indeed unique in their own right, as every plot varies in size, gradient, and overall topography of the land. Due to the uniqueness of these jobs, we cannot by any means provide a “one size fits all” policy here. We will only be able to comment based on your specific situation. Birmingham Foundation Repair Pros are here to assist you in all your foundation needs.

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How long does foundation repair birmingham al last?

The foundation of your home and business is arguably the most important aspect of the structure as it’s relied on for support. Without this support, the structure is rendered unsafe and poses a health and safety risk to the lives of many people. With that said, when repairs are done to a home or business naturally, the owner would like to know how long the repairs last. Due to there being so many variables involved as to the original reason that leads to the damage in your foundation, it can be very difficult to say how long a repair will actually last. If done correctly, it will undoubtedly last longer. We’re the foundation contractors Birmingham Al trusts most. Call today!

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