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You may have found yourself in a situation where you have just returned home from the grocery store. You are unpacking the car and you are on your way inside with your arms full of groceries. But before you could make it inside you have tripped on your uneven concrete driveway that has sent your groceries flying and you to have an intimate meeting with your pavement. Alternatively, you misstep on an uneven step on your way up the staircase. Regardless of where it is, uneven paving is a hazard to both you and your family or customers, for this reason, it is imperative that it be repaired. Our team at Birmingham Foundation Repair Pros is ready to help you.

What Is Mudjacking?
As technology is constantly evolving on a daily basis, new materials and techniques are being developed with improved benefits over their predecessors. By now, mudJacking is considered an old fashioned method to be used for raising your uneven concrete. The process consists of holes being drilled into your concrete. The building contractor then pumps a mixture of soil, sand, water, and concrete into these holes until the surface has been raised to the correct safe height, making it level with its surrounding surfaces. After the desired height is achieved, the mixture is set to dry.

What is Polyurethane Injection?
As we have previously mentioned when speaking about the process of mudjacking, we pointed out that technology has made advancements that offer us improved benefits in the concrete raising process. This statement is especially true when we take a look at the Polyurethane Injection method. The wheel hasn’t been reinvented here, but an effective process has been improved considerably by using a different material to pump through the holes and raise the concrete. As it is stated in the name instead of a mixture of soil, sand, water, and concrete, the Polyurethane Injection makes use of the material called Polyurethane.

Advantages Of Polyurethane Over Mudjacking
Considering the times that we are currently in, one could say that the Polyurethane Injection has become the industry standard when it comes to the raising of concrete. mudjacking seems to be a process that is still useful, however, when given the choice to make between following through with a Polyurethane Injection or mudjacking, nine times out of ten the contractor is going to opt-in for the Polyurethane. Now there is no mistake as to why it is the first choice, as it offers many benefits over mudjacking. The process is much faster and sets quicker, as well. It makes less of a mess than that of mudjacking and is easier to patch up as is requires much smaller holes.


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Will my birmingham foundation settle again?

This is a very popular question because many people are curious and really want to know before they go ahead and invest their money in a project such as this. An outright answer cannot be provided whether that be yes or no. The reason for this is that there are many factors involved that cause the concrete to settle and not all of those can be under control. If your structure is built on clay-rich soil, it is likely to settle after heavy rains as the clay is susceptible to expanding and contracting depending on the moisture content. Regardless of the situation, be sure to contact an experienced foundation company who is licensed and insured to do the job for you.

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