Crawlspace Repair

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If you are unfamiliar with the term crawlspace we wouldn’t expect you to know what it is or what it does at all. That is perfectly okay because we believe in educated and upskilling those around us when and where we can. Without further ado let’s dive into the crawlspace, what it is and where you find it. You will generally find a crawlspace underneath the house or commercial building. It is most often found in applications that are devoid of a basement. The size of the space can vary considerably; regardless of the size it still performs the same function. The main function of the crawlspace is to facilitate and promote the flow of air throughout your home.

What Happened To Vented Crawlspaces?
It used to be a thing of common practice and residential regulation for your crawlspace to have ventilation directed outside. The main reason for this is that it was meant to promote the circulation of air, allowing fresh air from outside to enter and filter out the old, stale and moisture-filled air inside. Upon further investigation, we find that it did nothing more that allows for more moisture build-up and invited unwanted debris into the crawl space. It is now to the knowledge of many that having vents counteract the goal of having a clean and dry crawlspace.
What Is An Insulated Crawlspace Protecting Me From?
When your crawlspace is in good condition, clean and operating in an optimal way then it is all sunshine and roses. This story can take a turn for the worst when your crawlspaces condition deteriorates over time due to incorrect ventilation and the lack of preventative maintenance. When a maintenance schedule is not adhered to your crawl space becomes the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and mold due to it being damp from all the moisture build-up. Other animals will start to seek refuge in your crawl space as it is not uncommon to find snake, rats, and mice.
What Is The First Step Before Insulation?
Before we can go ahead and have the crawlspace insulated there are a few mandatory steps that need to be carried out before we can get to the insulation step. Many crawl spaces are not immediately ready for this job to be undertaken and require that they are prepared prior to the insulation. We will need to ensure that your crawlspace has sufficient drainage and that there aren’t any cracks or leaks where water could seep through. Moving on with our checks we will need to investigate for any mold growth as this will need to be removed before we can proceed any further.

My Crawlspace Is Clean What Next?
After your crawlspace has been cleared of all debris, mold growth, and is now sanitary. With all areas checked for crack and leaks and passed inspection, the insulation can begin. In this next stage, a plastic vapor barrier is applied to the entire space from top to bottom. As one of the main goals is to keep humidity out all windows and vent will have to be sealed off, every gap will be attended to. After we are pleased with all windows and sills being sealed we will proceed with covering the space with a thermal layer.

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