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Foundation repair is a job that requires specialized methods in order to achieve the goal of a secure foundation. Due to each and every building having a slightly different layout, it isn’t always possible to apply the same methods to restore structural integrity to the structure and foundation. It is for this very reason of varied layouts that our building contractor may have to go the route of interior foundation repair. As it is stated in the name, this form of foundation repair is undertaken from the interior of the house, as opposed to coming from the outside, along the perimeter.


What Is Tunneling?
It is possible to come across a case where you are attempting to stabilize the foundation from the perimeter. Once you stabilize and start to lift it, it is very possible that not everything lifts. When this happens, you have the outer most part of the foundation lifted and the interior still sagging. To remedy this, we need to approach it from another angle. This is where tunneling comes in; tunneling is a process where a tunnel is created under the house or business. It is through this tunnel that the interior beams are given support by the installation of underpinnings. This method avoids a great mess inside your home or the upheaval of expensive materials.

What Is Mudjacking?
Mudjacking is a method of raising the foundation and reinforcing it. It is, however, known as an older and less sophisticated method. Just because of mudjackings present connotation that precedes it, doesn’t mean that it’s a method that shouldn’t be looked into or that it is not effective. This is most certainly not the case. Mudjacking consists of injecting a mixture of soil, sand, water, and cement into two-inch holes that have been drilled in your floor. This mixture is injected until the foundation and floor are once again at the correct height. One of the major downsides to mudjacking is that is can be quite a messy job to clean up.

Is Polyurethane Injection The Option For Me?
If we take a look at the old fashioned mudjacking method and compare a polyurethane Injection to it, when it comes down to the core of it fundamentally process-wise, they are the same thing. Being closely related, process-wise is where the similarities stop because the polyurethane injection has a plethora of advantages over the mudjacking method. While the mixture poured in the mudjacking process takes a very long time to dry, the polyurethane dries considerably quicker, minimizing the inconvenience caused in your home or business. Polyurethane is a lot easier to clean up, as it doesn’t make as much of a mess during the injection process.

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What Causes Interior Damage and Do We Need a Retaining Wall Birmingham AL?

When we evaluate a building, you have the structure itself that is most visible to the eye. However, what is most often unseen but playing a major role is the foundation of the building. The foundation is there to provide support for the structure as a whole. It is not uncommon for foundations to be disturbed by the moving soil beneath it. Movement in the soil can be caused by moisture build-up and the drying out of the soil. This has a direct influence on the expanding and contracting of the soil. Having soil move in different locations can cause the building to sink in certain areas. Birmingham Foundation Repair Pros can help you out! 

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